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Preservatives Without latex

Ultra-thin polyurethane condom for those allergic to latex or for those who want a very resistant condom without losing sensation.Ultra-thin-latex free. ? Condoms made of polyurethane. ? Control Latex Free provides OPTIMAL sensitivity. ? Smooth, cylindrical, transparent, lubricated and with deposit...
Ex Tax:13.70€
Latex free Durex condoms are manufactured with a revolutionary material, which makes it suitable for people who have or suspect having allergy to natural rubber latex proteins. Transparent, lubricated Straight with Sensi-Fit adjustment and deposit Nominal width: 56 mmThanks to its exclusive material..
Ex Tax:10.80€
Durex RealFeel are next generation condoms made with technologically advanced latex-free material to ensure a sensation natural skin to skin contact.RealFeel material improves your sex life and maximizes your pleasure and your partner from a combination of intimacy, sensitivity, and connectivity.Dur..
Ex Tax:6.50€
Brand: UNIQ
This condom has a ring on the base for fast and easy posture. The pubic areas are covered, providing greater protection and preventing the spread of many infections transmitted through bodily fluids.PRESENTATION: Credit card Type Three condoms per card. Lubricated condom.  Includes ULTRALUB&nbs..
Ex Tax:4.00€
Brand: UNIQ
The MEGASEX condoms were initially developed to be economical. Designed to be used on either side, each packet includes lubricant ULTRALUB, to apply at the time of use. MEGASEX , like all Unique Condoms, can also be used with any lubricant. PRESENTATION: Three condoms per sachet Includes ULTRALUB..
Ex Tax:1.40€
Brand: UNIQ
This condom is made from Synthetic Resin that lets you experience a natural feel and complete protection. The Unique Pull has a rapid application system that facilitates quick and easy donning of the condom.PRESENTATION: Credit card type. Three condoms per card. Lubricated condom. Includes additiona..
Ex Tax:4.30€
Brand: UNIQ
This condom is specially designed to be put on before erection, staying on almost without noticing. The condom is ready when you are ready, without interrupting the passion; it also helps prevent infections that can be acquired during foreplayPRESENTATION: Credit card Type Three condoms per card. No..
Ex Tax:4.40€
Brand: UNIQ
Female condom, lubricated; With air bubble as internal retention mechanism and delicate lace fasteners that simulate garters. Very easy and comfortable to insert. Three condoms per box..
Ex Tax:5.80€
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