New colour from the Miamor collection and three new models in an elegant 810 collection!

Sexy White for sleepless nights?

The Miamor collection is our great success. Couples from all over the world loved the collection in black. We had the good sense and the good idea to decline Miamor in new colours! Beautiful ruby and turquoise are available in a limited special collection.

And that's not all! We add a bit of softness with a fabulous white! A babydoll, a bathrobe with a satin belt and a padded open bra.

They are... absolutely gorgeous! The smooth, non-transparent super elastic fabric (Multistretch) will give you a fantastic feeling. Thanks to the lace ornaments, elegant details and total control of the cut. With Miamor you will discover the sexy lingerie feeling that suits you. Are you ready?


So tempting - so black

If you like sexy black lingerie, you'll be adopting three new arrivals from the 810 collection. There is an incredible bodu with padded cups, a bathrobe with a belt (Did2Fit) and a lace g-string. Soft and elastic fabric (Multistretch) and beautiful lace: this is something you have to try on!