Anal pleasure is scary and wrongly so. Those who have tasted the joys of the buttocks, girls as well as boys, have come back satisfied. But the taboo is strong, discussions are rare, and like any subject one avoids, myths and legends abound.

But perhaps his mysterious and forbidden character contributes to his pleasure? However, we of the LELO blog like to light the lanterns. So let's approach the beam of light of naughty knowledge towards the shameful orifice that will make you blush, this time, with pleasure when you have tamed it?

Why anal stimulation?

The anus is a prime erogenous zone thanks to its rich concentration of nerve endings. Like its close neighbours the penis and clitoris. So it's quite natural to go snooping around the anus for pleasure. If you titillate it a little, you will immediately notice that it is ultra-sensitive and that a light pressure can seriously boost the sensations in the middle of parallel erotic caresses.

And once again, let's be clear, anal pleasures are not reserved for ladies only. Certainly, clitoral stimulation combined with anal caresses will be a delight. But men are equipped with a prostate gland which makes this exploration perhaps even more breathtaking. In short, whether you have a vulva or a penis, anal sex is worth the trip.

What are anal beads?

It's a kind of sextoy that consists of balls connected to each other by a thread and which are inserted into the anus before being removed. The nerve endings are thus deliciously stimulated for your greatest pleasure. Unlike anal plugs that are left in place, the pleasures of anal beads come from the movement of insertion and withdrawal .

How do the Black LELO Beads work?

When you go in search of your first anal beads, the key word is quality. Any sextoy that intrudes on your intimacy must be beyond reproach. Especially when he is about to slip into the anus, a sensitive area. But the LELO Beads Black are not only sumptuously elegant, they are also made of high-quality materials that are 100% safe for the body.

They can also be used as Geisha Balls, for your Kegel exercises or your naughty vaginal explorations... They are equipped with small internal balls which are agitated by kinetic energy and thus propagate vibrations in the area. Anal or vaginal, according to your desire or your anatomical constraints.

Pleasure in a necklace

Trust the erotic power of your buttocks, they are endowed with unsuspected pleasures. And if you feel like entrusting their ecstasy to an expert in gentle stimulation, the Black LELO Beads will delight you. You'll love to string beads and enjoy the unusual anal pleasure...