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Flame retardant

Velv’Or AID BeEnduring Penis Delay Cream is a refreshing cream based on a unique formula, which delays the ejaculation. For long lasting sexual pleasure and enjoyment.Velv’Or AID BeEnduring has a light numbing effect on the male’s intimate areas and thereby helps to prevent a prema..
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Black Stone Spray is specially formulated to prevent a premature ejaculation. Many men come faster than they would like. A common problem, which is uncomfortable for both partners.The most sensitive areas of the penis will temporarily be slightly numbed due to Black Stone Spray. This causes an orgas..
Ex Tax:15.20€
Boyglide Delay is an intimate male retardant with a desensitizing and moisturizing effect for local use.Ideal for use in cases of skin hypersensitivity, it helps to prolong the intimate relationship. The desensitizing effect of Boyglide Delay allows to prolong sexual intercourse in cases of skin hyp..
Ex Tax:12.50€
Bull Power Clove Delay Spray can help postpone the orgasm. The special formula provides, due to the addition of clove oil,  more control and the possibility to enjoy intimate moments longer. More than 60 percent of men suffer from a premature ejaculation, not to forget their partners. This uniq..
Ex Tax:12.60€
Bull Power Delay Wipes help to delay an ejaculation. For long lasting intense sessions of sexual intercourse.Bull Power Delay Wipes have a mild anesthetic effect, which helps to delay an orgasm and prevents a premature ejaculation...
Ex Tax:8.50€
Centaur Delay Spray is refreshing and helps to delay an ejaculation. For more control, long lasting and carefree maximum enjoyment.This unique spray is specially developed for long lasting sexual pleasure. Centaur Delay Spray cools and refreshes, whereby a wonderful feeling is being experienced duri..
Ex Tax:15.30€
most sensitive parts of the penis. It can help postpone orgasm by the addition of clove oil. This ensures more control and long-term, carefree and maximum enjoyment. Cobeco Clove Delay Gel has been specially developed for longer-lasting sexual pleasure. This unique gel helps prevent premature ejacul..
Ex Tax:13.60€
Cobeco Delay Cream is a refreshing cream based on a unique formula that can help to delay orgasm. For long lasting sexual pleasure and enjoyment.Cobeco Delay Cream has a nourishing effect on the male’s intimate areas and can help prevent premature ejaculation. Cobeco Delay Cream gives more con..
Ex Tax:16.50€
MALE Cobeco Wipes Delay provides refreshment and is based on a unique formula, which delays the moment of ejaculation thanks to a slight anesthetic effect. For long lasting and carefree sexual pleasure. These unique wipes have been developed based on natural ingredients to provide long lasting enjoy..
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Velv'Or AID BeSteady Penis Delay Spray helps to prevent a premature ejaculation and provides more confidence for man. This unique spray has a slightly anesthetic effect and reduces the sensitivity of the penis, causing the ejaculation to be delayed.A premature ejaculation is a common problem for..
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Keep the flame alive throughout your body with the new 3 in 1 Ice Feel: Massage, stimulate and lubricate thanks to its long-lasting formula for lubrication and its pleasant heat effect that sensitizes and stimulates to make intercourses more pleasant Gel 3 in 1 Cooling effect Unscented Moi..
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CoolMann Delay Gel helps delay ejaculation thanks to its mild cooling effect. An exclusive product that provides more control and helps to enjoy a better and more lasting pleasure during sexual intercourse. Premature ejaculation is very uncomfortable for many men and their partners. They are men who..
Ex Tax:16.50€
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