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Drops of love

Brand: RUF
It is a food supplement with extracts of Muira Pajama indicated for sexual stimulation. Take in a varied and balanced diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.Using advice: pour 1 to 2 tablespoons of coffee into any drink to promote erection. Maximum daily dose 4 cuharadas of coffee. (12 ml)Pa..
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Brand: RUF
Aphrodict Guarana Zn + is a dietary supplement that contains mostly Guarana seed extract with aphrodisiac properties that stimulate the sexual functionsGuarana : Fight against physical fatigue brings vitality Improves physical performance AphrodisiacGuarana from Brazil , has been used for millennia ..
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Brand: RUF
Food supplement composed of plant extracts indicated for sexual stimulation. Consume 5 to 7 drops diluted in any drink to promote libido. Maximum daily dose 28 drops, 1.4 ml.30 ml container...
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The Enhancer libido large-scale aphrodisiac. The apiolina has a recognized and proven libido Enhancer effect in human being (man or woman), as well as encourage emotional behavior and tonify the nervous system. Use mode; Pour several drops (25 0 30) in any drink, meal, salad, etc., as a prelude to s..
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Brand: RUF
The Bois Bander is a food supplement for men and women made with Brazilian herbal . This sexual enhancer is composed mainly extract Muira Puama, an active ingredient known for its stimulating and energizing properties . It is generally advised in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions.Muira Puama : He..
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Stimulates the sexual performance with L-arginine and Vitamin C.Features:  Improves the sexual performance  Stimulates the erotic energy  Supports the inner vitality  Stimulates sexual desire and intimacy Cantha Drops is the unique product that stimulates the sexual desire in a n..
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Supports the energy supply of the body, which improves the sexual energy. Features: - Has an aphrodisiac effect Supports the sexual stimulus Reduces the fatigue and gives sexual energyBlue Drops are based on natural ingredients that support the libido. These unique sensual drops stimulate both men a..
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With Muira Puama, L-arginine and vitamin C for sexual performance. Features: - Helps to maintain good sexual relations Increases the endurance Provides more sexual energyStimulates sexual desire and intimacy Bois Bandé is a unique product that stimulates the sexual desire in a natural way and..
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With Kola nut, Guarana and Vitamin CFeatures:- Provides you with an energetic rush - Contributes to a normal energy-yielding metabolismCobeco Liquid C is a unique product that stimulates in a natural way and provides additional energy. These drops give a stimulus and improve the performance. Us..
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Hot Spicy Girl Stimulates the sexual performance with L-arginine and Vitamin C: - Improves the sexual performance Stimulates the erotic energy Supports the inner vitalityStimulates sexual desire and intimacy Hot Spicy Girl is a unique product, which stimulates in a natural way the sexual desire and ..
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The drops are easily and quickly absorbed by the body to offer an energetic impulse. The balanced formula makes use of the qualities of Kola nut, the main active ingredient of this product. Vitamin C has as antioxidant a supporting function and contributes to a healthy function of the nervous s..
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Provides sexual energy and stamina thanks to Guarana and Arginine.Features:   Provides extra sexual energy   Increases the enduranceSex on the Beach contains unique natural ingredients, including Guarana and L-Arginine, which stimulate the sexual energy and increase and guarantee an increa..
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